Sunday, June 7, 2009

Attempted Realism

\Well, my computer still has not returned from the dead yet, accounting for the distinct lack of posts, but like three people read this blog anyway, so I doubt anyone minds.
Anyway, I recently felt like trying a more realistic style. I'm still working on really getting good at drawing people, so I thought if I drew some actual people things might improve. Both images below were based off photos.
I decided it would be best to start with a self-portrait so as not to embarrass anyone else. Fortunately, it turned out remarkably well, in my opinion.
This one, not quite as well. I find that the smaller I draw people, the less detail I can add, the harder it becomes. Interesting. These are some of the students--as well as the teacher--from my Advanced Video class.

My computer should be back soon, and hopefully more posts will arrive.

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